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PoE - Loot from 65 Elder Haunted Mansions

First time running this kind of power farm before so I decided to track a few things. Also not sure if I prioritized rolling and sextanting things correctly but here are the results. If you need poe orbs cheap in game, you can choose sale cheap poe currency.

First, here is the loot tab

  • Running uber strict Neversink filter.
  • I picked up all big currency and picked up very little small currency, only when convenient.
  • Skipped all trash uniques except rings and amulets to sell for alch shards.
  • Only picked up red tier maps.
  • Picked up divination cards that showed up on filter.
  • Sold abyss jewels and uniques.
  • Picked up good jewelry bases, vendored trash for alt shards.
  • Found 5-6 Chayula breaches.


Estimated cost of running 65 Elder Haunted Mansions.
About 26ex spent on:

  • 5 Sextants
  • 3 Sac Frags
  • Zana mod
  • 20% chisel
  • Chaos'd til at least 5 mod map 
  • Bountiful Traps and Monstrous Treasure

Items sold for chaos that have been added to loot tab. Decent income from selling ilvl83 searching eye jewels. Lycosidae would add another 75c to income. Value of map drops.

Maps were by far the biggest source of income from running the maps, as expected. As a consequence of this, I prioritized having more magic mobs in the map as much as possible to increase my chances of a T16 drop. If the map did not roll more magic monsters, I ran Bloodlines Zana mod.

Interesting thing to note is that the total cost of the Elder Haunted Mansions I bought was about 1900c and the value of the T16s I got in return was 2250c. This suggests that sustaining Elder Haunted Mansions is possible, but most likely not worth it to uncomplete the shaper guardian maps due to losing one sextant slot. Better to flip maps and buy more Elder Haunted Mansions.

Overall currency cop valuation of the tab. A profit of about 5000c - 3300c = 1700c

This comes out to around 26c profit per map. Each map took less than 5 minutes to run, however, sometimes I'd have to double back after the map to pick up drops I'd missed which would add another 2 minutes. I think the most time consuming task was amassing all the materials required to run the maps.

About map rolling and sextant rolling. I rolled sextants for the usual additional mobs modifiers, always rolling over modifiers that did not give additional mobs. I sometimes kept suboptimal additional mobs such as the no reflect damage one and the increased magic packsize. I always attempted to proc prophecies for strongbox quantity rolls. By far the best sextants in my experience were barrels and strongbox quantity. For maps, I rolled for 5 mod maps. If the map had Beyond and no magic I Zana'd Bloodlines, and if it had more magic monsters, I Zana'd Beyond. Occasionally I did Harbinger if I felt like it.


Where To Find the Best Map for Monstrous Treasure in PoE?

I received it today the first time and wonder how to use it the most efficient way.


1. You have to roll the sextant for 500% IIQ from box monsters. Forgetting the exact name but it says +1 strongbox and monsters are enraged and have 500% IIQ

2. You have to beyond it... the boxes tend to spawn packs in clusters, ideal for spawning beyond bosses for more loot. You really want a map with beyond on it and add a second beyond from zana.

3. Pick a build that can handle multiple beyond bosses at once - if you cannot, sell it - you're not making close to full use of the sextant.

4. You generally want to do this on a t16 or possibly a t15 - the objective is to get lots of map drops from the box monsters. This is apart from the chance for shaper/elder bases/specific cards.

5. Pick a map with open areas !!! I cannot stress this enough. The boxes spawn in packs of 4-5. And will only spawn full packs if there is space ! If there's limited space around the box, very few monsters spawn, total waste. I opened mine on a shaped belfry which is a very narrow map - i barely got 1 pack per box... was a damn tragedy.

That's the basics. If you can't manage the sextant especially or the double beyond - sell it. It's a waste w/o it. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more PoE News and cheap poe items for trade with instant delivery.

PoE: Do You Think Elder Rings Are Pretty Great as They Are?

Self explanatory title: should, or should they not stay in the game as they currently are, and why?


Personally, I think elder rings are the single best unintentional game feature. It adds a different non-mandatory level of depth to the game, which rewards effort and planning, but doesn't do so in an over-the-top way like sextants did. I firmly believe elder rings are pretty great as they are, and should be kept, but I'd love to hear other peoples' opinions on the subject. Also, a easy way for you to gain poe currency fast is to poe trade currency on U4GM.

The only change I would look into implementing would be potential rerouting of the maps in regards to the level of rewards you would get from creating a ring over it, but proportional to how difficult would it be to get a ring on it, like we have on burial chambers right now.

I think that as you said this was unintentional and therefor will be removed anyway.

I’m neither for nor against them as I just play the game but I think from past experience with anything that’s a little too permanent with the end game, that it will be nerfed. I'm far too casual after the first couple weeks of a league to be up in arms about it to be honest. This sub Reddit though is great, will probably be in uproar if it gets removed.

I like them, its an interesting end-game mechanic that allows you to beef up your maps and isn't gated behind a huge currency investment like sextant blocking was.

A lot of people on reddit have been complaining about the permanent influence that elder rings give you. However, you can do the exact same thing by spawning elder or a guardian on or near the map that you want to run, no ring required. In fact, if they remove elder rings from the game, people will just go back to spawning elder on the single map that they want to run, as they did last league. Planning out and setting up my elder ring is one of the few things that has kept me playing after I had already achieved my goals for this league.

Soulworker - The Dialogues Seem Timed for the English Voices

Hello everyone, as some of you may know the previous Japanese voice patch guide got taken down from Steam. Don't worry though we have found an easier way to actually "patch" the Japanese voice. Working with Steam and non-steam client on my end. It is very important to take the time to level up at the beginning of the game. Whenever you need to buy Soulworker Dzenai, you can turn to U4GM for help. We has cheap Soulworker Dzenai.

Original solution is to manually replace files in "datas" folder, but if not work, you need to create empty file and rename it as "patchdata.Live-Client", then put inside folder at same location with Launcher.exe. This is the original applying method that's more complex :o but Aware that if using this method, you need to temporary remove that empty file if has official update everytime, or it will cause error like "not enough disk space" in GF launcher.

Things that you will need:

Japanese Voice Files Google MEGA Mediafire
Let's get to it!
1. Navigate to your Soulworker datas folder.
2. Create a folder in the datas folder with any name other than datas or voice.
3. Put Japanese voice files into the created folder.
4. Launch the game and enjoy the Japanese voices.

How to remove:
1. Navigate to your Soulworker datas folder.
2. Remove or move the created folder out of datas folder.
3. Launch game.

Disclaimer: The used voice files aren't mine so don't praise me for these voice files.

I have no idea about that since these files aren't mine. I am working currently on moving new JP voices to the EU client or even change some sounds to custom ones. I can't guarantee anything though. If it stops working you can always just remove it and wait till we find a way or someone finds a way.

My Experience with Gameforge NA/EU - Soulworker

I have listed some pros and cons about the official release compare with the private server.


Burning Soul Worker Version

-fan based community with active support (might not implement fix fast enough but at least they acknowledge your feedback)
-reasonably priced cash shop
-faster progression (you really don’t need to donate if you don’t want to)

-less player base compare with official NA gameforge, especially if you play from NA (don’t expect to use auto party match for the dungeon unless you go in with a group of your own)
-latency and occasional lag spike for NA players (I get about ~200 pings)
-many known bugs
-sluggish gameplay experience (someone complaint about the game being too easy due to the JP source and no manic mode, gameplay feels less smooth compare with gameforge/KR version, however they are implementing a big patch today switch to KR based and the new client version suppose to improve the gameplay, unlocked full 6 playable characters.)

Gameforge NA Version

-Better latency for NA player (I get about <100 pings)
-less bug
-larger community
-server stability

- 4 playable characters atm
- Pricy cash shop
- slow progression unless you pay with real $
- Bots/Gold sellers
- Unresponsive custom support if not at all

I encourage everyone who plays from NA to try out the private server as well. you've got nothing to lose and you might find yourself liking the private server especially with their current client updates.

I hope this guide can help you, more tricks and tips, you can visit our website, furthermore, there you will find the Cheap Soulworker Dzenai you want.


Path of Exile: Are You Doing T5 Maps and Over?

I have a lvl 75 Chieften who does 30k fortified strike damage, 27k Molten Strike, and 17k Cleave(Life Leech on it takes down Damage amount) 75% on each element defence and 30 Chaos defence and I have a 6 slot chest in my stash that I am gonna upgrade to it is a Unique The Restless Ward.


I think that guy I made is pretty damn good for the lvl and class. Also remember I have not assigned any accendancy points on any of my charaters I have made so far(saving the points until I complete all of the 4 labyriths). I so far have completed T1-T2 Normal Maps(not gold or quality's) with this lvl 75 character have not tried anything higher. I died when I tried a epic map (when I first completed Act 10 was level 71) I have changed to this build recently but have not tried it out on harder maps as of yet. I am now playing one of my archer's a lvl 65 have not done any maps with him he has not completed act 10 yet is on act 8 right now.

Lv 75 where? Are you doing T5 maps and over? Or are you just finished with act 10?
Also 3 damage skills? 27k molten strike is not actually that much, plus what about defence? Did my own crit staff hierophant bladefall 5 totems (with custom stuff like tri charge genetation). Lv 87 with 6 ehp, mom and about 300k+ dps, with some random weapon.

The first character I made I got to level 50 ish using nothing but ice nova. It was a Templar and it was during beta.Then I did read beginners guides and whatnot and I generally can get a character to level 65/70 without looking up a build. More Path of Exile news please keep eyes on which would devote to offer amounts of poe buy currency online.