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A Quick "Guide" on How to Configure in Path of Exile

As a loyal player of Path of Exile, I have been playing Path Of Exile for some time. Did you often encounter the problem of how to make the skills [choose your skills] work, so I decided to write a quick "guide" on how to configure.

Before the Start

- Make left mousebutton move only (feet icon).
- Doesn't handle channeling skills well. Try to avoid selfcast them.
- No way to detect vaal skills are charged or not. There are ways to get them working, but not reliable for main attack (like vaal spark or vaal fireball).
- Not great with temporary things, like zombies, spectres, ...
- Check if it's conditions are met and trigger it if they are. If not, it goes to lower priority.

That being said, lets start:

1) Stop thinking about a build, the bot has no concept about a skill, only about conditions to put the mouse and press a button. This would mean, the bot handles things like LA and SRS in the same way: point at minion and use skill.

2) In the skill setup, start ticking all your permanent aura skills (cast once, like hatred, not like blood rage) as aura, set your golem as the golem type he is, and set your movement skill (if you have one) as movement skill.

3) Set the priority of your main attack to a low priority/low number (like 1). Make sure the max distance is big enough, but not too big. This skill will be used when the other skill conditions are not met.

4) Think about your remaining skills, and set their conditions, making sure the most important skills have the highest priority, with cooldown when needed.

Example: Warchief totem on magic/rare/elite only: Prio 9, cooldown 5000 (5sec, set in miliseconds), target Magic. Don't forget max distance!. Also check min monster required range, since it's the boss killer, make it 1.

Example: Summon zombies/spectre: Prio 8, cooldown 5000, target corpses.
As you can see, apart from the target, totem, zombies and spectre are the same setup: the bot has no concept about what he is doing.

Example: blood rage: Since this is a temporary buff, use the "always recast buff" option. Set min and max distance to 0, and give it priority 1.

If this would not work for whatever reason (for example, with a very high ping I have seen it not being detected and casted over and over), you can put some logic behind it: prio 10 (highest number will be used first). Add a cooldown: 5000. Make max distance really big, like 2000, so it will always trigger. Min monster in range to 1, just to be sure. Since it refreshes on kill and give a frenzy charge on kill, only needed when max frenzy=0

Again, the bot has no clue about the skill. But: no frenzy, at least 1 mob on map, and 5seconds passed since last check? Use the skill. Warcries, curses and vaal skill can be set in the same way, just think under what conditions you would manually use that button, and fill in what's needed..

Go over every skill again, think about how you would play manually, and make sure they are all setup like that. You might have to select "use shift" or "maintain pressed key/mouse" to simulate what you would do.

The bot has build-in support for life, mana and quicksilver flasks. Other flasks will not work by default. However, just add a skill, assign your flask to the key, and set it up as a normal skill, using the logic from before.

Most common mistakes(in case something does not work):
- Check your skill is set as the correct type. Aura and only aura has to be set as aura, golem and only golem has to be set as golem, ...
- Check your max distance. It is calculated from the monster center, having max too low will make the bot run into them, but never hitting the needed range, not using skill.
- Check your min monsters in range. Uniques are generally alone, having this number higher than 1 would not trigger the skill...
- Make sure you have set cooldowns where needed. You don't want the bot to keep casting a totem, or a warcry, since it will never use the main attack.

What if it still does not work?
You most likely have an error in your skill setup.
- Remove all skills you have setup.
- Add a new skill. Set the button for your main attack, and set it up. Test it.
- Add more skills to test if it still works. Once it stops working, you know what to check. Keep repeating until all skills are setup.

I hope this tutorial can help you, more information about path of exile guide, you can click here

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FIFA 17 Halloween Cards Guide

FIFA 17 Halloween cards are awarded to a selection of scream players and released all at once in a single FUT squad of 23 players. The new 'Ultimate Scream Team'players have all been released into FUT packs at once, available for one week (until 6pm UK, October 28th). Let's learn something more about these themed players cards released for the first time this year. At the same time, our website offers fifa 17 coins for 5% off during Halloween. Welcome to visit.

FIFA 17 Halloween Cards Introduction

A brand new and inventive card was released by EA Sports in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team on all platforms (Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 4, PS3 and PC) for the first time in the game modes history. EA perhaps took note of the high demand for their FIFA mobile based promotions. What's most significant as opposed to other releases such as the St. Patrick's Green Team is that the players ratings have been boosted and will be boosted again over the Halloween weekend!

The regular versions of the FIFA 17 Ultimate Scream Team Halloween cards will remain unchanged. If you are looking to own one of these Halloween players you will need to find them on the FUT Transfer Market or via packs from Oct 21-28th, 6pm UK.


FIFA 17 Halloween Cards Ratings & Stats

Please note that the first rating shown below is their initial release (Oct 21-28), the second rating is their temporary boost after they leave packs (Oct 28-Nov 1st). Players will receive up to an 11 point boost in OVR! After November 1st the ratings will revert back to their originally released ratings. The players will continue to be unavailable in packs after October 28th.

GK: Costel Pantilimon (80 > 90)

RB: Mario Gaspar (81 > 91)
RB: Hector Bellerin (80 > 90)
LB: Filipe Luis (86 > 93)
CB: Per Mertesacker (84 > 91)
CB: Ike Opara (74 > TBC)
CB: Joel Matip (83 > 91)

CM: Andrea Pirlo (83 > 90)
CM: Marouane Fellaini (80 > 92)
CAM: Ryad Boudebouz (80 > 91)
CAM: Wesley Sneijder (84 > 92)
CAM: Hakan Calhanoglu (81 > 89)
CAM: Hakim Ziyech (81 > 91)
RW: Mohamed Salah (82 > 93)
LM: Dimitri Payet (87 > 95)
LM: Douglas Costa (85 > 93)

CF: Thomas Muller (88 > 96)
ST: Romelu Lukaku (85 > 94)
ST: Mario Mandzukic (84 > 94)
ST: Artiz Aduriz (85 > 93)
ST: Mario Balotelli (80 > 93)
ST: Adebayo Akinfenwa (64 > TBC)
ST: Emre Mor (64 > TBC)

FIFA 17 Halloween Cards Prices & Making Coins

There are several things to note over the FIFA 17 Halloween program;

Prices will initially start higher as demand is usually at an all-time high and supply is at an all-time low. This may potentially change nearing the temporary boosts.

As demand levels out and supply increases, prices will gradually drop. However do not underestimate the impact of their temporary boost in stats combined with these players being removed from packs. This will increase demand and unless prices are being artificially propped up, prices should rise if you invest at the most optimal time. Some ratings will significantly increase, some by 10-11 OVR!

Keep an eye on the FIFA 17 Squad Building Challenges, these requirements can cause sizeable player price fluctuations!

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Best Ways to Make FIFA 17 Coins

FIFA 17 Coins Farming guide to help you earn money fast using a number of methods such as trading and playing matches.

Earning coins in FIFA 17 Ultimate Team is of paramount importance since it allows you to ensure the sustainability of your team. One of the most commonly made mistake by a few FUT players is jumping right into the game after opening their Starter Pack. This is not recommended because you cannot hope to sustain your team in the long run and will eventually halt your progress.

In our FIFA 17 Coins Farming, we have detailed a few different methods to help you make easy, fast money in FUT. At the same time, you can visit our website to get cheap fifa 17 coins with the most security delivery and professional services.


Market Trading

It goes without saying that there are multiple trading methods that you can go with, but the best one is buying large and selling large.

 One of the first things that you need to do is to choose a player that everyone wants and find his average price. You can do this by finding the lowest 'Buy Now' price and add 100-200 to it.

 In addition to this, you also need to make sure that you are not targeting massive profits. Trying to get 1,000-2,000 profit per player is not going to work under any circumstances. The basic idea is to start slow and take things from there. Furthermore, you need to keep taxes into consideration which is five per cent.

When it comes to profit, you need to target something around 200 coins per item. Once you have everything sorted out, you basically need to bid around 4,500 on your chosen player and then sell him for something around 5,100. Once again, you need to make sure that you are subtracting the five per cent tax amount.

Now I understand that 100-200 may not appeal to a lot of people, but we are not going with a single card. If you supposedly bid on 50 cards and manage to sell 15, you should fairly decent amount in no time. Continue to repeat the process and you can get yourself a fair amount of coins without playing a single game.

However, there are things like market fluctuations and player popularity that you need to consider as well.

Coin Boosts

These catalogue items basically allow you to receive bonus fifa coins for each match you play. These are easily the most sought after items in EAS FC Catalogue and must be acquired as early as possible.

Once activated, you should be able to get your rewards at the end of a match. For instance, if you have 1,000 x 10 active, it means that you will receive 1,000 additional fifa coins at the end of 10 matches. In order to make the most of these items, you should try and redeem them all at the same time.

Since only one item can be active at any given time, you will continue to get awarded until your items run out. However, you need to pay special attention to the order in which you redeem these items. Due to this fact, it is recommended that you redeem the highest level boosters first.

Web App Rewards

Do not expect to earn a lot using this method, but you should definitely reap daily rewards from FUT 17 Web App after the initial two weeks of the game's release. In order to do so, all you need to do is to log-in everyday until the offer lasts, grab a couple of thousands coins, trade, and keep the cycle running.

Returning Users Packs

After firing up the game for the first time, you should be able to acquire Returning Users Pack – provided you had FIFA 16 FUT save data. This should allow you to receive 30 items which is sufficient in order to get things in order.

Premier League Trading

For this method, you need to open Transfer Market and choose Gold. For league and position, select Premier League and Defenders. Set your 'Buy Now' price to somewhere around 400-450 and hit search.

You basically need to buy all players that pop-up in the search results, set the price range a little higher, and buy new players as well. Once done, sell these players while keeping EA's 5% taxation and your minor profit in mind. Continue to repeat the process!

Silver Items Trading

Contrary to the popular belief, you can also trade with Silver Items or Rare Silver Items. The entire procedure is same as above – one thing that you need to keep in mind is to make sure that you are setting the prices in accordance to market value.

Offline Draft

In case the Online Draft Mode is not for you, there is always the option of trying out the Offline Draft Mode. This is not only a good option of checking and honing your skills, but also earning decent enough packs which can be sold for decent bucks.

Buy Coins

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FIFA 17 TOTW One Preidictions

FIFA 17 is coming soon! Here is my prediction of FIFA 17 TOTW One Predictions. For FIFA 17 be on sale, if you want to get cheap fifa coins, our website must be your best choice.


Oliver Baumann - GK - 80 OVR
Over the course of Fifa 16 we saw a lot of Bundesliga keepers pick up IF's and we now look set to have the trend continue into 17 with Baumann. The Hoffenheim stopper made a total of nine saves in order to keep a clean sheet and help his side to a point in a 0-0 draw with Wolfsburg.


Maxwell - LB - 79 OVR
Maxwell is the first of two PSG players I have elected for their 6-0 demolition of Caen. The Brazilian defender claimed two assists to go alongside his clean sheet which saw him pick up an 8/10 from L'equipe. He could well miss out due to EA not wanting two from the same side however he deserves his spot in the side.

Dejan Lovren - CB - 82 OVR
After their win over Chelsea this weekend Liverpool are considered title contenders and although I feel as though that is pushing things they are a real threat for the top sides. Lovren scored the opening goal in their 2-1 win which in some a high profile game could see him sneak in.

Eric Botteghin - CB - 76 OVR
Feyenoord continued their 100% run to the season with a 1-0 away win over PSV. Botteghin score the goal alongside picking up a 7.5 match rating which should see him in if he is once again a gold. This result puts Feyenoord five points clear at the top after just six games. Quite impressive.


Quincy Promes - RM - 81 OVR
There were a few strange exclusions from the RPL towards the end of 16 however Promes really should have next to no questions coming into week 1 after he was involved in all three Spartak goals. The Dutch winger scored two of his own alongside assisting the other in their 3-1 win which claimed him a 9/10.

Nacer Chadli - CAM - 78 OVR
WBA are not exactly known for their high scoring games and I actually had this one down as a 0-0 but they surprised spectators with a 4-2 win over WH who are in real trouble as things stand. Chadli was involved in all four of those Albion goals with both two of his own and two assists.

Gonzalo Castro - CM - 82 OVR
Although there is a lot of hype surrounding Dortmunds new signing in Pulisic who is in with a chance of making this side I think that Castro will be the player who makes the cut. The fact the German midfielder is a gold will work wonders in his favour. Castro scored twice and picked up an assist for Dortmund as they cruised to a 6-0 win at home to Darmstadt.

Lionel Messi - RW - 93 OVR
Often it is the case that we see a huge name included for the first week and it looks to be the same case this time round with Messi scoring twice and assisting another in Barca's 5-1 away win over Leganes. For week one IF's they don't come much bigger than this.

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Mauro Icardi - ST - 82 OVR
We saw a similar situation with Totti last week who sneaked in over many players which on paper had done more and I feel that Icardi will be the same this time around. The Argentine was involved in both Inter goals with both a goal and assist in their shock 2-1 win over Juventus. His performance saw him pick up an 8.5 which is a very good rating.

Edinson Cavani - ST - 85 OVR
PSG made it ten points from their opening five games with a convincing 6-0 win against Caen. Cavani scored four of those goals which makes him a certainty for this first team of 17. Now that Ibra is playing in England I would expect to see a lot of Cavani IF's over the course of this year.

Jonathan Soriano - ST - 76 OVR
Although many would consider the Austrian division to be dominated by Salzburg they are not top as things stand. They did however record a convincing 4-1 win over Rapid Wien on Sunday of which a familiar face in Soriano scored three of the four goals in.


Emil Forsberg - LM - 76 OVR
There were a lot of high scoring games in Germany this weekend which resulted in a ton of IF options from the division. Forsberg was the player to pick up player of the week though and thus making him hard to ignore. The Swedish winger was superb in the second division last season and looks to be carrying his form over to the top division. He scored once and assisted another two to help lead Leipzeg to a 4-0 away win.

Thomas Lemar - RM - 78 OVR
After an impressive season for Lemar in the 15/16 campaign he picked up a well deserved spot in TOTS but what was surprising i the fact that he failed to pick up an IF over the course of that season. Things look to be taking a different path this year though after he scored twice for Monaco in a 3-0 win which saw him pick up an 8/10 from L'equipe.

Nicola Sansone -ST - 78 OVR
Villarreal scraped to a 2-1 home win against Sociedad thanks to a brace from Sansone. One of the Italians goals came from pretty much the halfway line which in a league like La Liga I feel will particularly stand out and thus giving him the edge over other strikers with two to their names.

Arkadiusz Milik - ST - 79 OVR
I'm not really sure as to why but Milik actually started the match on the bench which on current form was unexpected but regardless of that he still managed to win them the match. The Polish striker came off the bench in the 61st minute with the scores level at one a piece. He then went on to score in both the 67th and 78th minutes of the game to give Napoli a 3-1 win and ultimately take home the three points. An impressive 8/10 from Gazzetta will only help his cause.

Islam Slimani - ST - 83 OVR
Slimani was always going to make an impact for Leicester after his performances in Portugal but many would have thought he needed a settling in period. That doesnt look to be the case though scoring two goals in his first start to help Leicester to a 3-0 win over newly promoted Burnley.

Louis Moult - ST - 65 OVR
One of the easier selections came from Scotland after Moult decided to bag four goals for Motherwell in their 4-2 home win. It's almost as though he knew it's the first week of a new Fifa.

Scott Hogan - ST - 67 OVR
Brentford moved into a play off position courtesy of a 5-0 home win against Preston and it was their striker who stood out scoring three of those five goals. Hogan is now the joint top goalscorer in the championship with six to his name in the eight games played.