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Publication of two Abyss Supporter Packs in Path of Exile

The Abyss League has been live for one week and in the community quickly be actively received by peopleThis time around, GGG have done something slightly different with league supporter packs. Traditionally, they have one small pack and one larger pack. The Abyss Supporter Pack series includes two separate supporter packs of equal value, each with different but comparable content. Buy whichever you prefer, or both! If you need cheap Path of Exile currency, here we have to recommend you the best POE currency seller.

Personally, people are complaining about buying 2 separate packs that have two completely different detailed sets. Harbinger League had and an upgrade because the $30 one had only the weapon effect, cloak, and the portrait vs $60 that came with the armor set with effects, a pet, and two portraits. Abyssal has two different armor sets, portraits, weapon effects, and either a cloak or portal. Last time I checked you don't have to buy COSMETIC items to play a free game. Oh yeah and your still getting POINTS for every pack. So in total your paying for a full set of MTX for $5 and still have $55 worth of points to spend on whatever you want and still crying about it!?

EA and other triple A titles are adopting a PTW system that IOS and Android games use so there is no comparison to the way POE does MTX. Just my take on all these negative comments. If GGG wanted to make more off of players they could have just sold the armor sets without packs so that you have to buy points to buy a more expensive set. There's a reason they're called SUPPORTER PACKS. It's to SUPPORT a free to play game. Different people have different ideas, let us look at the opinions of other people:

1) Not sure I like the trend this is going. The "combine mtxs from gamble boxes" is pretty greedy too. Seems like they are trying to sucker people into buying more boxes to get the combined set while trying to play it off as a way to get rid of duplicate mtxs. But with that being said, i think the lich set is one of my favorite sets since atlas. They look great, definitely a huge step up from garbinger packs.

2) I'm pretty glad that I didn't go ham on the expansion packs for this reason. The Abyss packs have a lot more detail than the supporter tiers so I'll likely be picking up both. While most people seem to be a fan of the Lich set - and rightfully so, it just screams "I am a boss and you should fear me" - the Imp set is oozing with detail.

Certainly some of the easier $60 purchases I've made, especially in contrast with the expansion tiers.

3) Yep I got baited into thinking there would be a $30 pack and got the map tab early. Not really their fault that I pulled the trigger early. Good marketing decision by them to hold off on revealing the price points before releasing the map tab. Lots of people looking to upgrade from $20->$30 will probably just buy one of the 60's. At least the lich set looks great. The value is there.