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PoE: Why Does Bestiary League Feel Like Doubling Down on Talisman?

For those of you that weren’t around for Talisman league it worked like so: you killed a monster that was possessed by and dropped a talisman (special amulet base). There were four tiers, all dropped corrupted. The only way to upgrade was to place five of one tier into an altar to create ONE (read: single talisman) of a tier higher. The ilvl was determined by an averaging of the five slotted with a weighted average of three of the highest ilvl, 2 of each of the mid levels and 1 of the lowest (divide by 10 you get your ilvl). The rarity by a percent chance distribution. How do I remember this scarred me forever.


This mechanic was so awfully tedius there was a significant dropoff in people engaging with the mechanic and playing in general. Getting anything good required playing this insanely rng and arithmetic dependant mechanic that was a HUGE turn off to a lot of players. I absolutely hated talisman league. The league was not folded into the core game, for good reason.

So from what I’m gathering we have tiers of nets to capture tiers of beasts that need a prerequisite net to capture a certain tier. On top of this we need a certain amount of beasts captured to do a craft, which also requires us to fight beasts in a pit that are dangerous to acquire the craft, which also may or may not be rng dependant as well. I’m gonna assume like all crafting there’s some deterministic properties and some rng and these are budgeted accordingly.

The capturing of beasts requires the ability to stop dps, which makes some builds significantly less viable in a league where there are revamps to make more playstyles viable. Vorici is among the least popular masters because his mission requires special control of your character over packs of monsters/individual exiles that players honestly cannot be expected to reliably control. Many people solve vorici by simply blasting through and if it fails, oh well hope I see you again later master assassin.

I think we all need to just try it. It might not be so bad. What if the first 7/8 nets are in story mode with the last two in yellow/red maps? That'd be pretty easy to manage. The in-game currency is available at the professional online gaming house. The interested gamers can poe orbs buy from those professional online gaming houses in the most affordable cost.