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PoE - What Are the Ups/Downs of Necromancer Ascendancy Changes?

I just respecced some of Necromancers on Standard and they all feel like they got buffed. Skeletons are just crazy. I suppose the baseline for an Ascendancy “it’s twice as good” aka Soul Weaver for Spectres but mods like Skeletons can’t miss AND +2 max are way better than that.


My Baron Zombie necro - can I drop my 2 Violent Dead threshold jewels for some Ghastly Eyes right? It’s like they baked Violent Dead into the Ascendancy. Aaaand +2 zombies?! I have been able to drop some Strength for some quality of life while keeping over 1500 strength. This is a goofy build I use a level 1 Dominating Blow and the minions last a really long time because of Puppet Master + Mistress of Sacrifice.

My gear is able to cover my resists so I can drop Army of Darkness and try to make it up with +10% Minion resist on jewels. Correct me if I’m wrong - the baseline minion Elemental resists are 40%? That means I want 35% from jewels and/or the 16% from Herd the Flock and/or the 20% from Army of Darkness? What builds were nerfed? Max block Bone Offering in end game boss fights? Builds using The Scourge? I don’t have any of those.

Only thing that got nerfed was the self-offering node. Skeletons got the biggest buff, along with the fact that there is a better node between the skeleton and spectre nodes. Zombies technically got "buffed", but their dps is still pretty bad compared to a budget skeleton setup, and the chaos degen requires different support gems to scale it well compared to the usual generic physical gems. Oh, and you'll still need to run 2 violent dead jewels for slam cooldown.

Spectres are still as crazy as they have been since the desecrate change, and skeletons are also op now for the price of 2 ascendancy points. One skeleton can do upwards of 200k+ shaper dps alone, not to mention 10 or 12.

Casting SrS is much slower as last League. Buying poe Items, Jewels for SrS cost that much cause Spectres and all other Builds are much played right now and want same JewelsStats mostly. Playing SrS since 6 Leagues now and it lost much of its Goodness -.- Its still ok but looking what other METABuilds Items cost makes me sad... Now i have to look for more Castspeed from Tree and Jewels and tradeoff MaxLife for it.