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Bestiary League Brought A Lot of New Content - Path of Exile

We have got a brand new league, namely the Bestiary League. This one brought a lot of new content, including new path of exile items, skills, and crafting options. On top of this, the Ascendancy classes have been tweaked.


Spectral Shield Throw Gladiator
Have you ever wished that Captain America was a playable character in PoE? You’re not the only one. The PoE community has been eagerly awaiting the release of the spectral shield throw skill since it was announced. Now that it’s here, you can prove that the best defense is a good offense, by tossing a ghostly copy of your shield at your enemies’ heads.

Patch 3.2 is the Hierophant’s turn to get some big buffs, and they are projected to utterly dominate the Bestiary League. The author has always been a big fan of totem builds, so the Totem Hierophant variants are probably going to be my number one pick in this league. The only reason the Spectral Shield Throw Gladiator made the top of the list over the hierophant is because Spectral Shield Throw is brand new, sounds hilarious, and should at least be tried out by everyone.

The two recommended Hierophan builds use Righteous Fire Totem or Lightning Bladefall Totem, but really any totem build will work. I personally prefer Righteous Fire Totems, but it’s completely up to you. To use Righteous Fire, you would normally need a deep life lifepool, lots of life regeneration, and a ton of fire resistance to survive the fire degeneration damage that the spell does to your character.

Tectonic Slam Slayer
Do you like to do huge DPS? Do you like to run at your enemies and cut them down with a giant, two-handed sword in your best Braveheart impression? Then this is the class for you. Slayers are quite possibly the most DPS-focused class in PoE, and can absolutely carve through Wraeclast with a two-handed weapon equipped.

Tornado Shot Raider
If you’re not a big fan of magic, or really one for melee combat, don’t worry, you’re not forgotten in the Bestiary League. The Ranger has always had a solid set of Ascendency Classes to choose from, and in Patch 3.2 it seems that the Raider has pulled to the front of the class.

It is important to note that this class is somewhat light on defense, with your lifepool, dodge, and evasion being the only things to stand between you and gruesome death at the hands of a tough enemy. Fortunately, if you’re playing a ranged class, then you’re presumably accustomed to kiting enemies from your experiences in PoE and other games.