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Path of Exile: Are You Doing T5 Maps and Over?

I have a lvl 75 Chieften who does 30k fortified strike damage, 27k Molten Strike, and 17k Cleave(Life Leech on it takes down Damage amount) 75% on each element defence and 30 Chaos defence and I have a 6 slot chest in my stash that I am gonna upgrade to it is a Unique The Restless Ward.


I think that guy I made is pretty damn good for the lvl and class. Also remember I have not assigned any accendancy points on any of my charaters I have made so far(saving the points until I complete all of the 4 labyriths). I so far have completed T1-T2 Normal Maps(not gold or quality's) with this lvl 75 character have not tried anything higher. I died when I tried a epic map (when I first completed Act 10 was level 71) I have changed to this build recently but have not tried it out on harder maps as of yet. I am now playing one of my archer's a lvl 65 have not done any maps with him he has not completed act 10 yet is on act 8 right now.

Lv 75 where? Are you doing T5 maps and over? Or are you just finished with act 10?
Also 3 damage skills? 27k molten strike is not actually that much, plus what about defence? Did my own crit staff hierophant bladefall 5 totems (with custom stuff like tri charge genetation). Lv 87 with 6 ehp, mom and about 300k+ dps, with some random weapon.

The first character I made I got to level 50 ish using nothing but ice nova. It was a Templar and it was during beta.Then I did read beginners guides and whatnot and I generally can get a character to level 65/70 without looking up a build. More Path of Exile news please keep eyes on which would devote to offer amounts of poe buy currency online.