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My Experience with Gameforge NA/EU - Soulworker

I have listed some pros and cons about the official release compare with the private server.


Burning Soul Worker Version

-fan based community with active support (might not implement fix fast enough but at least they acknowledge your feedback)
-reasonably priced cash shop
-faster progression (you really don’t need to donate if you don’t want to)

-less player base compare with official NA gameforge, especially if you play from NA (don’t expect to use auto party match for the dungeon unless you go in with a group of your own)
-latency and occasional lag spike for NA players (I get about ~200 pings)
-many known bugs
-sluggish gameplay experience (someone complaint about the game being too easy due to the JP source and no manic mode, gameplay feels less smooth compare with gameforge/KR version, however they are implementing a big patch today switch to KR based and the new client version suppose to improve the gameplay, unlocked full 6 playable characters.)

Gameforge NA Version

-Better latency for NA player (I get about <100 pings)
-less bug
-larger community
-server stability

- 4 playable characters atm
- Pricy cash shop
- slow progression unless you pay with real $
- Bots/Gold sellers
- Unresponsive custom support if not at all

I encourage everyone who plays from NA to try out the private server as well. you've got nothing to lose and you might find yourself liking the private server especially with their current client updates.

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