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PoE: Do You Think Elder Rings Are Pretty Great as They Are?

Self explanatory title: should, or should they not stay in the game as they currently are, and why?


Personally, I think elder rings are the single best unintentional game feature. It adds a different non-mandatory level of depth to the game, which rewards effort and planning, but doesn't do so in an over-the-top way like sextants did. I firmly believe elder rings are pretty great as they are, and should be kept, but I'd love to hear other peoples' opinions on the subject. Also, a easy way for you to gain poe currency fast is to poe trade currency on U4GM.

The only change I would look into implementing would be potential rerouting of the maps in regards to the level of rewards you would get from creating a ring over it, but proportional to how difficult would it be to get a ring on it, like we have on burial chambers right now.

I think that as you said this was unintentional and therefor will be removed anyway.

I’m neither for nor against them as I just play the game but I think from past experience with anything that’s a little too permanent with the end game, that it will be nerfed. I'm far too casual after the first couple weeks of a league to be up in arms about it to be honest. This sub Reddit though is great, will probably be in uproar if it gets removed.

I like them, its an interesting end-game mechanic that allows you to beef up your maps and isn't gated behind a huge currency investment like sextant blocking was.

A lot of people on reddit have been complaining about the permanent influence that elder rings give you. However, you can do the exact same thing by spawning elder or a guardian on or near the map that you want to run, no ring required. In fact, if they remove elder rings from the game, people will just go back to spawning elder on the single map that they want to run, as they did last league. Planning out and setting up my elder ring is one of the few things that has kept me playing after I had already achieved my goals for this league.