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Where To Find the Best Map for Monstrous Treasure in PoE?

I received it today the first time and wonder how to use it the most efficient way.


1. You have to roll the sextant for 500% IIQ from box monsters. Forgetting the exact name but it says +1 strongbox and monsters are enraged and have 500% IIQ

2. You have to beyond it... the boxes tend to spawn packs in clusters, ideal for spawning beyond bosses for more loot. You really want a map with beyond on it and add a second beyond from zana.

3. Pick a build that can handle multiple beyond bosses at once - if you cannot, sell it - you're not making close to full use of the sextant.

4. You generally want to do this on a t16 or possibly a t15 - the objective is to get lots of map drops from the box monsters. This is apart from the chance for shaper/elder bases/specific cards.

5. Pick a map with open areas !!! I cannot stress this enough. The boxes spawn in packs of 4-5. And will only spawn full packs if there is space ! If there's limited space around the box, very few monsters spawn, total waste. I opened mine on a shaped belfry which is a very narrow map - i barely got 1 pack per box... was a damn tragedy.

That's the basics. If you can't manage the sextant especially or the double beyond - sell it. It's a waste w/o it. as one of the most professional online store which glad to share more PoE News and cheap poe items for trade with instant delivery.